how to turn your website into profitable business 10 keys factors to consider

First of all essentials  things to begin your  to run your business online step by step  from number 1 to 5 and in second part from 6 to 10 the most important fact to rank better on web search to get traffic and to optimize your work to turn you’re your website into a profitable business

1 domain authority

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First things  first before choosing you the name of your website you have to check the subject of your website  second thing to  consider while choosing your domain for your website is the  domain authority .com .org .net not domains like .xyz or .me or .cc those are website are less trusty and they wouldn’t let your consumers click on your website posts or webpages the trusty you build up with your potential’s consumers which they are viewers of website is really important so consider to choose the right domain the market of there is so many providers of domains one the best one in my personnel view and of experience is Namecheap having good quality of service and they are having support 24/7 which is really important to consider also before choosing your website


2 Server hosting

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First never choose a free website hosting those providers like 000webhost infnityfree or others providers typically place restrictions on storage and bandwidth, limiting your site’s growth and traffic capacity also you can have slow performance on your website which cause you some loss in points of seo score you have to get things done correctly and in professional way to get profitable business online is really important to consider speed stability customer support.

There is mostly formulas are

Shared Hosting  files are stored in a shared space with others users

Dedicated Hosting He has obtained a large share, which is suitable for large companies, but its price is high

Virtual Private Server or VPS If you want the benefits of dedicated hosting , the best solution is to choose a virtual private hosting they are quite similar, they may be crucial in other storage, but they will be separated and isolated in your own storage space.

My tip is to host in Greengeeks here or with Namecheap

And if you have a low budget as a beginner I recommend you Contabo


3 designs

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The importance of having fully designed SEO friendly  website is really something important before to attract people to stay on your website choosing a designer for your website business depending on your activity is really important  script or theme of website should be easy to navigate in WordPress for example there is some premium themes fully organized and ready to help you in setting up your correctly easy navigation trough the website the visitor should be able to reach anywhere on the site easily and enjoy his time on your website

Don’t forget importance to have combability of your website design with mobiles Accelerated Mobile Pages because mobile phone they became essential part of visitors  journey so by choosing good design friendly SEO architecture design of your website you going to attract more and more visitors to your website you have to make the site responsive to small screens.


4 content quality

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The information’s inside the website are really important to get organic traffic based on keywords metadata tags and more is things to consider also there are some tips on how to make your site useful engaging and credible however, when it comes to being more valuable or high-quality you cannot rank your webpage with the help of copied content unique fresh content is always important So, if you want to develop good content, you should forget about these two things and focus on content inventory google loves content that people could be interested on so, focus more on providing answers to visitors  questions to get drive views to your website It takes a long time to start and maintain a blog. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t release any content. Instead, create always high-quality content that can be shared among your potential customers


5 Security

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The importance of having secure of website is important fact so you will store a lot of data on your site, whether company data, or customer data, and some of that data is sensitive I highly recommend having Cloudflare certificate your customers expect their data to be safe if they have logins data stored in your website , so the site should enjoy the highest levels of security and protection.

The privacy policy of your customers, and this will have serious repercussions on the project, and on its reputation among the people there are a lot of security standards that should be adhered to like Https is a security protocol that encrypts the communication between the server and the browser and you should obtain an SSL certificate, it is essential to the success of the site, because it protects the data transmitted between the client and the server, and prevents its exposure also, search engines, such as Google, consider the SSL certificate as a factor in determining the ranking on the results pages this point is really important to get earn SEO points if you are using WordPress there plugins who can deliver that certificate or in cloudflare free account version


6 Audience targets

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To make profitable business from your website you have to consider the website audience from which countries visitors may be visiting your website is really important factor on how much you will be earning for next months of running your business the niche of website has a big importance you should know the top countries by CPM for targeting your audience   where CPM varies depending on how advertisers target their ads the country in which the creator lives or the nature of the content itself and so on CPM Cost per thousand impressions this term is translated is the cost per thousand visits to the site, which is the amount that the advertiser pays for a thousand increments, and this tool may help advertisers work on setting a budget countries likes Canada USA Australia New zeeland UK has the most increased CPM because of the firms who willing to advertise on platforms such a google-adsense  Taboola outbrain propeller ads

Tip choosing the right topic and right  audience of website determinate your ratio of success


 7 Seo factors

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You have to know how search engines work and what algorithms are used by search engines and what You must have the ability to work on different blogging platforms like blogger or WordPress or others the most famous of which is WordPress to modify the titles and descriptions of the topics on your site as well as other settings related to SEO permalinks settings via plugins


8 Marketing

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Marketing is advertising directed over the Internet in business and business activities to entice recipients and shoppers and convince them to invest their money in buying your products and believe in your services this process requires some unique marketing strategies such as SEO building a strong website we recommend you build it on , and retaining existing customers and target potential.

  • Attract the attention of online shoppers to visit the store mainly.
  • Optimize your website for search engines
  • Start email list
  • Be useful in online groups try to answer questions on online forums I recommend

Quora is a question and answer site you can find many categories here including simple things, industries and current events.

Or  reddit which is a good platform  there is many forums on specific different subject if you are targeting a specific audience in a specific industry or have a specific hobby, you can try searching for subreddits on that topic.

Or Stack Overflow is a question and answer website for professional and enthusiast programmers about technology


9 Ads

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Running ads of internet is something essentials for business online to get discovered

And most profitable online businesses are one time or more in their life existing on market they have used ads to get traffic and getting people attracted to your website by a ads formats is essential to growth your business online there is best tools to run ads campaign for your website is to use one of the following  google ads and Facebook ads from your business management Facebook  dashboard you start a fb advertising campaign or on ads manager facebook which depends on your budget and target audience you want to reach .

The use of  Facebook targeting tools when it come to ads is powerful because the target is very specific niches my personal advice  type of ads to use on your campaign Facebook dynamic ads or Facebook carousel .

For the next ads tool which is also provide essential benefits for running your online business website

Second tool to reach  customers is google ads when someone enter the search word and complete the matter on the google search engine, several results appear, among which are the results of the advertisement, but the first of them is the results of Google ads, which is an advertising model that is perfectly suitable to reach customers who are interested in a particular product or service and something important for google ads to mention there is no limitation of time of the ads only your paid on clicks for the campaign which is something going to help you to growth out your business and google ads coupon here

The quality of Google ads and its great ability to deliver services and products of brands to narrow ranges of the audience, which makes conversions very high compared to any other ad network, it is an advertising platform worthy of being called the best advertising method in the Internet at the present google advertising platform is powerful tool plus you can check the google ads keyword planner to spy on keywords cpc and competition on those keywords

my recommendation for


10 affiliates

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a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referral like the one linking to your  website page directly the benefits from them is your earn little commission if someone from your visitors decided to acquire a service or a product he could be interested on it

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