Use INSTAGRAM to promote tour business

Having a large audience and a lot of advertising opportunities is the answer to the question of why entrepreneurs spend money, time and effort to promote their business on Instagram. However, if you still do not understand how and how to connect your audience to this social network and the specific tasks that an Instagram business account can solve, read this document. We will give you 8 reasons why businesses come to Instagram

With everyone rushing to master a new promotion channel like the TikTok social network, we’re going to tell you about Instagram because 500 million users visit Instagram every day and the network has more than 1 billion active accounts so it is an excellent social media to promote your business.

You can use Facebook business suite Instagram to combine both powerful social medias to promote your business. To know more about Facebook Business Suite you can check our post.

What are the advantages of a professional account?

  • Practical statistics: you can estimate the most viewed posts, what time of day, how and when subscribers click links, and more. Statistics allow you to build a successful content strategy and evaluate your return on investment.
  • Description of the additional page: the “Contact” button appears, and subscribers see the business category, business address, phone number, and email.
  • Lightweight ad launcher functionality: you can promote the page through the Instagram app and through a Facebook ad account. Experienced professionals usually use Facebook because it allows you to set up more complex and targeted campaigns.

I will explain you the reasons why you have to build an instagram audience and we will explain you later how you can manage it using Instagram Business Manager:

Reason one: Engage the target audience in the brand philosophy

In this case, the Instagram account does not work for direct selling, but for brand sharing. The company communicates with the public and tries to convey its concept and philosophy. This promotional objective is relevant, first of all, to the entertainment sector, restaurants and any other company whose product can not be purchased directly via a social network.

The second reason: Search for new customers via Instagram

Generating leads, i.e. calls, orders and requests, is a natural and understandable desire for small business owners who are starting to promote on Instagram.

The Instagram page is believed to be a “gold mine” for the beauty industry and small online clothing and accessories stores. Of course, customers will not come to you without a well-thought-out strategy and well-tuned targeted advertising.

The third reason: Build a loyal community around the company

Forming a community around the brand – that is exactly the purpose the Instagram giants use. However, for small businesses, it is also important to gather an interested audience around the brand: communicate with subscribers, discuss their lives, answer questions, and help them with advice. All actions in one way or another affect sales, but still, this promotion is based on the desire to bring together as many like-minded people as possible in the “space” of the brand.

Reason 4: Search for partners in the B2B sector

It doesn’t matter how it is! It can be used to promote and find clients and partners, even for companies with complex activities.

Reason 5: Help B2C companies get leads

It has historically happened that in some commercial outlets customers come only on the recommendation of friends – the price is high, so it is important for the customer to be sure that the service will be carried out efficiently and on time. For example, an apartment renovation. However, some examples prove that for such companies Instagram can become, if not the main, but an indirect source of leads.

Reason 6: Reach a small target audience

If an experienced SMM specialist can work, then on Instagram you can connect a very specific target audience – down to the smallest detail.

Reason 7: You can replace a company website with an Instagram account when starting a business

The Instagram page can be the only platform for communicating with customers, at least at the beginning of the promotion of the company, when the official website is not yet ready. But the best way to maximize your profit is to combine Facebook and Instagram Ads using business suite facebook Instagram to communicate and promote efficiently your business.

Reason 8: The reason why subscribers can activate and sell the rest of the assortment quickly

It happens that the company closes, moves, changes direction. And the owner should dispose of the leftover products in the warehouse in a short time and at the same time not be in the red. The lottery will help Gifts are often held on Instagram – simple contests with prizes. The user must leave a comment, repost or sign up for an account and wait for the results to be announced. The main difference between a lottery and a gift is that participation in the lottery is paid. One “ticket” costs a few dollars. It turns out that you can not only activate the audience of your account but also earn money. The price can be a product worth the tickets purchased. In addition, stores can sell not only a hot product but also a product that is very large in the warehouse or is not very popular with buyers.

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