What is a Business Facebook Manager?

What is a Business Facebook Manager?

Facebook defines it as “Business Manager is a Facebook tool that helps you organise and manage your business” . It’s a sophisticated tool to manage your social media ads and to organise your ads campaigns. If you just want to create a business page, you don’t need Facebook Business Manager. You can simply create a Facebook page and use your personal account to access it

In what can be useful for you as a business manager?


You can use Facebook Business Manager to:

  • Manage your Facebook pages and Instagram accounts in one place.
  • Give access to the invited team and specialists without transferring passwords.
  • You can also share data from your resources (for example, a database of site visitors) with partners and contractors, while maintaining privacy and public control.
  • Use dynamic retargeting in an online store advertising campaign.


If you decide to use facebook suite manager, you will have a number of advantages:

  • The ability to separate personal and professional activities on Facebook. You won’t accidentally post for you on your business page, and you won’t have to constantly switch between profiles. Also, you will be able to manage your Facebook marketing and advertising in one place. Business Manager and Ad Manager are linked for easy access.
  • Ability to work with colleagues, partners and agencies. You can set permissions for each partner to protect your account.


In practise, how can I use start using Business Manager FB:

Step 1: Link accounts and pages

First, let’s link your Facebook business page and Instagram account. Staying in the “Company Settings” section of the company manager, select the “Accounts” tab and in the drop-down menu – “Pages”.

You can select an existing Facebook Business Page and add it to Business Manager or create a new one. If you need to work with a business page for a partner or customer, click Request Access.


Step 2: Add Ad Accounts

To view targeted ads on Facebook or Instagram, you need to create an ad account. Within the same Facebook Business Manager, you can create up to 5 ad accounts (the limit for created accounts is available in the Company Information section).

For security reasons, the account holder must be an employee of the company.

How many ad accounts do you need to create


During an advertising campaign, the user’s audience will be collected in a database using a pixel.

In cases where it is useful to create separate ad accounts, let’s look at some examples:

  • If the company has two independent directorates in different locations, for example, for companies and individuals.
  • If the branches or business sectors are registered in different countries.
  • If a company wants to separate cash flow from advertising campaigns or payment methods from advertising (for example, they work with different providers or pay with different cards).


Step 3: Adjust the pixels

Pixel is a special code that is installed on your site to track visitors’ actions. To log in to the “Company Settings”, select the “Data Sources” section and from the drop-down list – “Pixels”.

In the window that opens, enter a name and give a link to the site. After the basic configuration of Facebook Business Manager, you can refer to the detailed pixel configuration of the ad account. 


Step 4: Grant access to the team

Two different levels of access can be configured in Business Manager:

  • Specialists are added to the business manager and given a role – employee or administrator. Advanced functionality regulates access to financial information.
  • Either, depending on the role assigned to him (employee / administrator), the employee has access to a specific object: company page, advertising account or pixel.


For example, a sales manager might have access to a company page linked to an Instagram profile, where he can answer followers’ questions. You do not need to provide passwords or other confidential account data, which keeps it safe.

It only takes four steps to register an employer and get started. And our articles s will help you understand in more detail the nuances of setting up ads on Instagram and Facebook.

To conclude,

If you are serious about Facebook marketing and advertising, Facebook Business Manager is an essential tool in your arsenal. Whether you work with Facebook for a business or manage social media for clients through a marketing agency, Business Manager can make teamwork easier and safer.

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